Coffee for Regatta Season?

As we enter our busy summer season, our first big sporting event of the summer has just taken place. Last weekend we were on the beautiful riverside in Marlow at the annual Marlow Regatta, serving coffee, tea and hot chocolate to the rowers on Saturday in the formal regatta, and to the dragon boat racers on the Sunday at the family fun day. This was our 5th year at the Regatta and we always get such a warm welcome from our customers, and the other stall holders and traders that it means we enter the summer with smiles on our faces. And, despite the heat, the coffee sales still went strong demonstrating that us Brits have become a nation of coffee drinks whatever the weather. We’d just like to extend our gratitude to all of our customers and the organisers of yet another fantastic Regatta weekend for pulling it off in such style.


Over the next few weekends we’ll be largely based on the riverside in Henley working at the various rowing events down there – including the Henley Regatta itself. We’re looking forward to seeing the same faces again, and the warm reception we get, as well as spending time at such a beautiful location. Life is good and we know it. If there are any special requests from our customers please let us know so we can accommodate you.